Services – Project Management

Project Management Skills

Alan Jones Associates is an experienced project management company. Alan has project managed many different sizes of projects from the £10 million Inverness Aquadome development down to small community based projects. Alan is be able to provide and deliver the following;

  • Working with Architects and QS on checking specifications prior to advertising for tenders
  • Liaising with planning and building control with the project team
  • Ensuring full compliance with funder’s tendering and procurement requirements
  • Liaison with legal staff, both the client’s legal advisors and funders to check title deeds, burdens on these, Deed of Dedication and Legal Due Diligence
  • Advising on a long list of contractors, taking references and testimonials and advising the client on best practice
  • Assist with tender evaluation process and seek clarifications from contractors if required.
  • Advise on the appointment of contractors and assist with interviews and appointments.
  • Establish appropriate channels of communication between the client and User Groups to keep them informed and up to date on the Project’s progress.
  • Communication is a key aspect in project management. Alan would set up channels of communication with the community groups that are two way, so there can be continuous feedback between the client and the groups with regard to the project’s progress.
  • Establish meetings structure and timing with main contractor, Principal Designer, QS and Project Team and Client Committee. Agree procedures for convening, chairing, attendance, function, frequency and responsibility for recording of meetings and distribution of information.
  • Monitor communications and distribution of information between client and contractor
  • Agree reporting and recording procedures with the Client Committee and any updates for funders.
  • Advise client of all changes, recommend appropriate action and obtain authorisation before communicating to main contractor
  • Oversee in conjunction with the QS all budget costs and to monitor spend against pre agreed work plan, reporting any variations to the client timeousely.
  • In conjunction with the QS and Architect prepare and maintain a cost plan.
  • Report at regular intervals to the client about the project’s progress in relation to their forecast of final costs, including costs of variations and the cost implications of extensions of time and forecast completion dates.
  • Ensure that the QS prepares and signs off interim and final accounts and agree settlements.
  • Advise the Client Committee of the required procurement procedures for the selection of contractors and the type and form of contract.
  • Assist with the compilation of tender documents if required.
  • Arrange with Architect and QS a tender analysis report; obtain clarification of ambiguities and prepare tender report. Arrange to interview contractors if required. Prepare tender award recommendation and obtain instructions.
  • Ensure that variations and instructions are issued on time and correctly circulated.
  • Ensure practical project management throughout the duration of the contract

Project Management Plan

Alan Jones Associates will provide a Project Management Plan which will cover the following;

  • Assumptions/Constraints
  • Scope Management
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Deployment Plan
  • Change Control Management
  • Schedule/Time Management
  • Milestones
  • Project Schedule
  • Cost/Budget Management
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communications Management
  • Communication Matrix
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Log
  • Procurement Management
  • Compliance Related Planning

About Alan Jones Associates:

Alan Jones Associates is a Scottish based strategic community development consultancy specialising in strategic reviews, community engagement, feasibility studies, options appraisals, business planning and securing project funding.